Filipa Santos

Architect & Colour Consultant

Insurance Office Interior

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Location The Hague and Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Period 2010-2012

Renovation project of the offices of a big insurance company from the Netherlands, with implementation of the New Ways of Working concept.




A new corporate image, inspired by the polders and dikes of the Dutch landscape, set the look and feel for several offices through out the Netherlands. Creating a differentiation between more traditional working areas that require silence and concentration, and more dynamic areas for team work and informal meeting was essential. The colour scheme and use of materials emphasise the qualities of such spaces, help people with orientation, and help identifying the different work environments.




In this project, we addressed standard work environment, call centres, building entrances, restaurants and director’s wing – all we the common underline of having spaces that can be used in different ways, by different people, in different times of the day. Maximising flexibility in the building creates more workplaces and provides the workers with different environments to choose from.