Filipa Santos

Architect & Colour Consultant

Underground Parking Garage

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Location Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
Period 2010-2015

The location of this new parking garage, in between the dike and the boulevard of Katwijk aan Zee, makes it quite unique in the Netherlands. Great attention has been given to the functional design due to its elongated form (500m) and the 663 parking spots the garage houses. The designers respected the fact that users need to quickly orientate themselves when inside the garage, and quickly find their way out to either the town or the beach.

The architectural design of the parking garage builds forth on the design of the public space and respects and adheres to its conditions. The result is that the design integrates the garage and its entrance and exit ways into the natural surroundings, i.e. the dune landscape.

The design also ensures that the colours and materials used fuse seamlessly into the urban fabric of Katwijk aan Zee and its characteristic dune landscape.

The underground parking garage in Katwijk aan Zee has been awarded the Best Dutch Building of the Year 2016, by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects. It has also received the People’s Choice Award.