Filipa Santos

Architect & Colour Consultant

Bank Business School

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Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Period 2008-2009

This Business School is part of a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation and provides training to their top 200 workers around the world. It portraits a modern and clean environment, with an out-of-office atmosphere.


The concept to create a school in an office building is based on the traffic flows of a city, where function determines people’s activities:
• Streets – Corridors that connect the main hubs and direct people;
• Markets – Plenary rooms that host the most relevant activities, they connect people in a common activity;
• Main Square – Lounge areas that serve as places for communication and relaxation.


The colour concept identifies the three different groups and distances itself from the corporate image to create the required out-of office feel. Shapes tend to be more organic breaking with the traditional office building restrictions.